What Attracts Squirrels to Your House

Attracts Squirrels

For many years, homeowners in Los Angeles discover they are sharing their home with squirrels. They also unravel that the animals have been there for quite some time. If you are wondering what attracts squirrels to your house, how to remove them and why you should prevent them, you are at the right place.

What Attracts Squirrels? 

Various things attract squirrels to your home. However, the foremost thing that draws these opportunistic creatures is food. If you are making food readily available and accessible to them, then get ready for other animals joining the party soon. Also, holes, crevices, and cracks in your home attract them.

Why Remove Squirrels in Your House? 

Damage Wiring and Insulation 

Squirrels belong to the rodent family. Their incisor teeth are growing, so they cut and grind hard objects such as wood and plastic. They do not leave insulation and wiring untouched, putting you and your loved ones at risk. You will also incur unnecessary repair expenses.

Stench and Stains 

Squirrels urinate and defecate in your attic creating bad smells. Also, their urine and droppings stain floors. You may have to dig into your pocket to clean them. Some squirrels get stuck or trapped in walls and die to leave awful smells.

Health Risks 

Decomposing animals are serious health hazards. Moreover, studies show that squirrel droppings and urine causes salmonella infections. To add salt to injury, squirrels themselves carry some transmittable diseases.

What Shows You Have Squirrels in Your House?

  • Strange noises in your attic or scratching sounds in the chimney
  • Squirrel droppings resembling those of bats
  • Damage done around their entry points, mostly spotted during an inspection
  • Interior damages in your attic
  • Chewed and ripped shingles
  • Strange, foul odors
  • Damages on walls and ceilings

What Are Some Squirrel Removal Techniques? 

There are many ways to humanely get rid of squirrels, including:

  • Using pets, especially dogs to scare them away
  • Fencing or netting
  • Use humane traps
  • Catch the squirrel using the blanket approach
  • Contact animal experts

Now that you know what attracts squirrels to your house, it is prudent to remove them humanely. Contact service providers to help you.