What’s That Sound? Signs That You Might Have a Critter in Your House

Los Angeles Raccoon Removal

If you are hearing strange noises in your home, it’s possible that you have pests. You might even start to suspect that you need a Los Angeles raccoon removal service, but how do you know if the noise is that of raccoons or something else entirely? Use this quick tips guide to simplify your diagnosis.


If you have small animals living in your home, you’ll hear them throughout the night. To pinpoint them, get out a flashlight and check all of the little nooks and crannies for signs of nesting. This includes checking behind and under appliances, inside all cabinets and closets, and up in the attic. You’re looking for piles of nesting materials, feces, and chew marks along the way.

Sounds and Smells

Dead or decomposing pests give off an unmistakable scent. If you have a mouse or rat in your house that’s died, the smell is often enough to diagnose them. For live critters, noises include scurrying, squeaking, gnawing, or even scratching.

Pests can live in your walls or under the floorboards, so don’t discount them just because the location seems strange.

Look for Holes

Noticing small holes in your floors or walls? These are all signs that you might have an infestation. The average mouse hole is just the size of a quarter; they can flatten out their bodies to shimmy in and out as long as the hole is as large as their head.

If you find burrows in areas around your property, particularly where you have weeds or garbage stored, this is a surefire sign, too. Finally, keep an eye out for chewed electrical wires—this is dangerous and should be addressed immediately.

If you notice any of the issues listed above, it may be time to call your local animal removal specialist. Contact Animal Capture Wildlife Control today to schedule your assessment.