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As residents of Montebello, California know, living in a metropolitan area does not mean freedom from the nuisance of wildlife. Fortunately, Animal Capture Wildlife Control can provide humane, expert animal control for critters that make their way into your home or business.

trapping and removal of raccoons

Animal Capture Wildlife Control has over twenty years of experience in wildlife trapping and animal removal. Licensed by the Department of Fish and Wildlife, our experts specialize in animal removal needs for residents of Montebello and neighboring areas.

The services offered by Animal Capture Wildlife Control include: 

  • Humane trapping and removal of raccoons, skunks, opossums, squirrels, bats, and snakes 
  • Dead animal removal 
  • Attic and underfloor inspections 
  • Property inspections for animal nests and dens 
  • Damage repairs and barrier building 

At Animal Capture Wildlife Control, we believe in keeping you safe from wildlife while also protecting the animals from harm. We never use poison, and our experts specialize in safe trapping and removal. Generally, our process includes: 

  • An initial inspection to identify the problem 
  • Pole removal of animals when possible 
  • Establishing 3-5 animal appropriate live cage traps when trapping is necessary   
  • Removing and transporting trapped animals away from the property to the appropriate facility or relocation area when possible  
  • Clean-up of the area as required
  • Maintaining and monitoring the traps for 5-7 days to ensure elimination of the problem 
  • Repairs and barriers constructed as approved by the homeowner 

Often, homeowners will suspect invasion by wildlife, but will ignore the signs until the damage is already done.  Wildlife can bring a variety of costly issues to homeowners, so if you suspect a problem, call today. 

raccoon digging in a garbage

Bats left in an attic for a period of time will leave behind large amounts of guano that is known to cause disease. The longer a bat infestation goes unaddressed, the worse the cleanup effort will be. 

Squirrels who invade your home chew through wiring, dig holes in sheetrock, and build nests in your walls if left to their own devices. Not only do they cause fire hazards due to damaged wires, but the repairs caused by their infestation are also expensive and difficult to complete in attics and walls.

Possums and skunks like to dig near stoops or steps and under sheds and outbuildings to find a place to live. Other than the obvious horrible smells and sounds these animals can produce, they can also wreak havoc on lawns, gardens, and household structures. 

Raccoons will dig through garbage, tear up yards, and destroy your property to get to food. These pests are known for tearing up ductwork, insulation, and nesting indoors, and can bring in diseases that are easily transferred to humans. 

While snakes may have some benefits such as rat and other rodent control, most of us do not want them living in our home or yard, and some of them are deadly. With the wide variety of poisonous and non-poisonous snakes present in the Montebello area, snake removal experts should be hired for the safety and well-being of the homeowner. 

Since local municipalities do not handle wild animal control or dead animal removal, it is up to homeowners to rely on reputable companies for their needs. Animal Capture Wildlife Control is an established, professional company with the training and experience you need for a job done right the first time. Recognized by Governor Pete Wilson for excellent service and featured on CNN’s “Larry King Live” and Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs,” we focus on customer service. The next time you have a wildlife problem, call the Montebello animal control specialists at Animal Capture Wildlife Control.


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