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A big brown bat nesting in a private property. Bats are protected in San Francisco and should only be removed by a professional bat removal service such as Animal Capture Wildlife Control.

Bats are common across the United States. But in Sacramento alone, 24 bat species, including the big brown bat, often choose to roost in chimneys, attics, and other areas. Although these creatures are expert pollinators and insect hunters, if bats are living in your home, it’s time for bat removal.

Professional Bat Removal in Sacramento

If you’re searching for bat control or bat removal companies, you probably already know that there are many to choose from. Unfortunately, while some companies know how to navigate bat problems and state law, others continue to use incorrect techniques and dangerous chemical interventions that kill bats and endanger the health of property owners.

Animal Capture Wildlife Control is licensed by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and has 25+ years of experience in safe and humane bat control and bat removal.

We understand that bats are an important and protected species, and that it’s illegal to trap and kill them. That’s why we’re the choice of Sacramento residents when they need professional bat removal services.

Thorough Bat Inspections

When you call Animal Capture Wildlife Control to inspect your Sacramento property for bat control problems, you’re calling a company that leaves no stone unturned.

We are highly skilled bat removal specialists who understand bat biology and physiology. Our training and experience allows us to spot even the smallest entry points in a structure.

We have extensive experience in inspecting structures of every size, including high-rises, warehouses, hospitals, and homes for signs of bat problems, and know all the ways to find bat entry points and seal them for complete bat control.

Bat Removal Services, the Humane Way

Previously, you read about unscrupulous companies who use inhumane devices and techniques to get rid of bats. Bat traps are often used by these companies for bat control. But they can cause bats enough stress to kill them. Also, even if you’ve trapped the entire colony, they’ll eventually return.

These “bat control” companies may be fully aware of this, but may not tell unsuspecting customers. The truth is that bats have an exceptionally strong homing instinct. Even if they’re released hundreds of miles away, bats can and will find their way back to your home.

Other Sacramento businesses may be listed as bat pest control companies or even bat exterminators. These companies typically fumigate them. This is definitely not the way to achieve bat control or remove any other animal from a structure! Along with this, the chemicals used in fumigation are dangerous for humans and pets if inhaled.

Despite what you may have heard or read, it is entirely possible to remove bats from a structure without stressing them or ending their lives, but it must be done properly. This is exactly why Animal Capture Wildlife Control removes bats from your home safely and humanely with methods that offer bat control and protect the local colony and the species as a whole.

Our Sacramento Bat Removal Process

When you call our bat removal company, the first thing we do when we arrive at your property is conduct a thorough bat inspection. We take the time to spot even the smallest access points and other signs around your property that indicate bat infestation, such as the smell and appearance of bat droppings near access points.

The next step is to install bat exclusion devices at access points. Why exclusion devices? Because they don’t place stress on the bats; at dusk when bats leave to feed, they’re able to fly uninterrupted through the exclusion device. However, these devices prevent them from getting back in.

Once we can be sure that all of the individuals in the colony have left their roost, we remove the exclusion devices, and seal all access points for bat control.

Important note: If you call us between June and August, it’s highly unlikely that we will recommend or perform bat control or bat removal. This is because bats are nursing their flightless young during these months. Installing exclusion devices during this time would force mothers to abandon their young, causing them to starve.

Bat Damage Repair

It’s true that bats are tiny creatures. As such, it’s easy to think that they can’t cause much damage. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Bats are persistent animals; once they’ve found a place that’s warm, humid, and dark enough for them, they will do whatever it takes to get inside, even if that means chewing through wiring.

Bats get into structures by squeezing their bodies through spaces in around soffit, fascia, and vents. Repeated entry and exit, along with corrosive guano, can result in significant structural damage.

As well, the accumulation of guano in spaces like attics can saturate insulation and drywall, causing collapse due to sheer weight, though this tends to occur in severe cases of bat infestation due to lack of bat control. Dried guano not removed from past bat infestations, if inhaled, can cause respiratory problems and even lung disease.

That’s why Animal Capture Wildlife Control will also repair any damage bats may have caused to your structure. This includes complete attic restoration services which include the removal of affected insulation, and cleaning and sterilization of the entire area.

Humane Bat Control Methods You Can Implement at Home

Whether you already have bats roosting in a structure or wish to prevent them from doing so, there are certain bat control methods you can implement to discourage them.

Eliminate Light

Many people think that bats don’t like light. And while this is certainly true when it comes to their roosts, any light near their roosting areas can be a good thing—for the bats!

Light attracts insects, who will gather in large numbers anywhere it shines. Considering that a single bat can consume 1,000 mosquitoes in just one hour, leaving any outdoor light on will be like opening a bug buffet for your bats! That being said, turning off your lights at night will remove that convenient food source and help with bat control.

Prevent Access to Water and Nectar

Along with eating a lot of insects, bats also need to drink a lot of water. So, any open sources of water around your property can be very attractive to them. Inspect your property for water sources like rain barrels, and be sure to cover them with fine mesh screening for bat control.

Interestingly, bats are also attracted to the nectar in hummingbird feeders. Although it’s thought that they only do this in California’s more southern portions, this phenomenon has occurred in Sacramento along with several states, including Michigan and Wisconsin.

As well, bats aren’t the only wildlife who love hummingbird nectar; raccoons will stop at nothing to sip the sweet nectar inside, even if that means destroying your feeders. That being said, the best way to achieve bat control is to prevent access to your hummingbird feeder by storing it inside at night.

Install Bat Houses

Installing bat houses around your Sacramento property really gives you the best of both worlds. It’s a great way to keep enjoying their pollination and insect-reducing benefits, and discourages them from roosting in your attic and other areas.

Bat houses can be installed at any time, but if you currently have bats roosting in your home, the best time to install them is before calling us at Animal Capture Wildlife Control for bat removal. Doing it this way will give the bats a new, ready-to-move-into home after we’ve placed exclusion devices and sealed the entry points, and offer continuous bat control.

Why We Are Sacramento’s Choice for Bat Removal

Animal Capture Wildlife Control’s extensive experience in bat control and removal of snakes, opossums, and many other forms of wildlife have made us industry leaders. Our experience also allows our Sacramento customers to enjoy reliable, professional, and efficient service every time they call us.

We possess an intimate understanding of bat behavior, including feeding, mating, and roosting habits according to time of year. This knowledge allows us to offer complete bat control with thorough inspections, bat removals, and repairs.

Our record of excellent service has been recognized by California Governor Pete Wilson, who gratefully acknowledged both our community involvement and our leadership. President Bill Clinton also recognized our dedication to the improvement of Sacramento and other communities.

Animal Capture Wildlife Control has been the subject of several magazine and newspaper articles, and we have also been featured on the Discovery Channel, Larry King Live, and CNN.

We’re committed to preserving bats and all other wildlife species we help Sacramento residents and businesses to remove. That commitment extends to always operating within the law, which is why we carry a state trapping license from the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Animal Capture Wildlife Control also serves Sacramento customers, as well as those living elsewhere in the Golden State, including Pasadena, Calabasas, and Lancaster. If you have bats roosting in your structures, contact us online or call for bat control or other wildlife removal assistance today at 310-551-0901.


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