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Raccoon out of a cave

Residents and business owners in El Segundo, CA depend on Animal Capture Wildlife Control for a variety of animal trapping and pest control services. Urbanization has affected many animal habitats in Southern California. Whether you have a raccoon problem or need a rodent control specialist, you can call on us for wildlife capture services in El Segundo, and we’ll do what it takes to resolve the problem.

Why Us

Our company employs a unique business process designed to cause no harm to the animals we capture and remove. When you have critters in your attic, garden, or under your house, we identify where they are and how they’re getting there, and then we set humane traps. These traps are intended to capture and not injure any animal, whether it’s a raccoon, skunk, coyote, or snake.

Usually, three to five traps are sufficient and, once a few animals are trapped, we set traps for a few more days; if no more are captured, we remove the cages, but we can leave them for longer if you continue to have a problem.

Our Services

We are specialists in many types of animal capture for El Segundo customers. Throughout Los Angeles, our team routinely handles a wide array of wildlife encounters. You can depend on us for the capture and removal of:

  • Raccoons
  • Opossums
  • Rats
  • Skunks
  • Squirrels
  • Bats
  • Snakes
  • … and more

Additional services are available as well. If something doesn’t smell right, there are more insect pests than usual, or you spot an animal carcass, we provide dead animal removal. Some dead animals can leave an odor behind for months. These creatures may die of old age or due to diseases or exposure to poison; whatever the case, we’ll take any dead animal away so your life can get back to normal.

We also provide thorough attic and under-floor inspections for any evidence of wildlife activity. Our trained experts can perform bat inspections and identify snake dens. We’ll also help defend your property against future problems, whether it requires installing snake fencing or removing key food sources for the animal(s) in question. Effective animal barriers can be installed around your perimeter and, if necessary, we can help with animal damage repairs to your chimney, deck, shed, siding, or attic.


  • How much do your services cost?

Prices vary with each job. While there’s no charge for how long traps are left, we must consider our expertise, how thorough we are, and the fact we often deal with dangerous, disease-carrying animals. We’ll provide an estimate when you call.

  • What are your traps like?

These are live cage traps that close when an animal steps inside. No poison is ever used. Unless the animal is strong enough to break free, it will not be able to get out.

  • Do you trap dogs and cats?

We don’t pick up stray or lost dogs. Any cat that’s trapped is brought to a local animal shelter, which is then responsible for its care.

Call Animal Capture Wildlife Control

We pride ourselves on being a highly recommended animal control services company in Los Angeles County. Run by a licensed trapper, our business has been recognized by numerous media outlets and has worked with homeowner associations, law enforcement agencies, property owners, studio lots, theme parks, and more. Contact us at 310-551-0901 today to request wildlife capture services in El Segundo.


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