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A big brown bat nesting in a private property. Bats are protected in San Diego and should only be removed by a professional bat removal service such as Animal Capture Wildlife Control.

Bats are very active in San Diego and across California. However, when they enter human structures, bats can cause significant damage, as well as risk the health of inhabitants. Humane removal can protect bat species and eliminate health risks.

Humane Bat Removal in San Diego

Bat populations face many threats, mostly due to humans. Habitat loss, pollution, and pesticides have greatly reduced bat populations. Unfortunately, white-nose syndrome, another threat, continues to decimate entire bat colonies. Consider that a large colony can consist of over 2,000 individuals.

The bat’s role in the ecosystem is vital. Bats are important pollinators. Every night, they consume tons of insects. For example, a single bat can eat approximately 1,000 mosquitoes in just one hour! It’s for all these reasons that the Animal Capture Wildlife Control team offers humane bat control services for San Diego residents.

Our process includes inspection, identification, exclusion, and sealing entry points to ensure bats are safely evicted and cannot return.

Bat Prevention in San Diego

Water is necessary for the survival of all living things, and bats will roost where sources of water are convenient. This includes the nectar inside hummingbird feeders (which raccoons also love to drink). Any standing water in rain barrels should be covered, and hummingbird feeders brought in at night.

Bats also detest noise, so adding noise to potential roosting areas can work very well to prevent bats. Consider placing a radio near these areas or purchasing an ultrasonic device.

Bat Trapping, Extermination, and Exclusion

Like many San Diego homeowners, you may have considered eliminating a bat infestation yourself. Trapping, bat exclusion, and extermination are three methods that have been used in bat control at properties.

However, there are important aspects of bat life that must be considered, both by homeowners and bat pest control companies in San Diego before attempting removal.


Trapping and relocation is a tactic that many in San Diego have attempted. Unfortunately, this never works. Bats are expert navigators with an incredibly keen homing instinct. How keen? Consider the fact that even if you drove them hundreds of miles away from your home, a bat colony would be able to find their way back!


Extermination terminates the life of a bat or a colony using various methods. This is never recommended, in San Diego or elsewhere. Bats are exposed to enough threats, and many species are protected and even endangered, making it illegal to kill them.

As well, their vital role in the ecosystem makes extermination completely counter-intuitive. Another reason to avoid extermination is its lack of effectiveness; killing bats won’t resolve a bat infestation. In fact, it can make it worse!

The scent of bats, even if they are decomposing, can send a message to other bats that the space was considered a safe roost in the past. As well, San Diego homeowners who exterminate but do not remove bats will experience an increasingly strong odor that can become unbearable.

Of the 24 bat species that call California home, 10 have been designated species of special concern. Therefore, you must have a Department of Fish and Wildlife license to capture or possess bats. Otherwise, you are breaking the law. Unfortunately, there are bat exterminator companies in San Diego.

Bat Exclusion

A bat exclusion device allows bats to escape but prevents them from re-entering a roost. Once all of the bats have left, entry points can be sealed, and the bat exclusion device removed. This method, therefore, is the best and most effective way to get rid of a bat infestation in your San Diego home.

However, when excluding bats, timing is everything. It’s essential to understand bat behavior and physiology.

Bats will form nursing colonies between June and August. They raise their young in these colonies. Using any method of bat removal during this time would separate mothers from their babies, who are unable to fly during this stage and would starve and/or freeze to death as a result. A bat will typically produce one offspring each year.

Bats are able to flatten their bodies enough to squeeze through the tiniest spaces. Bats in attics and vents are common, but soffits, fascia, and even cracks in exterior walls are just a few of the many points that should be inspected and sealed to prevent future bat infestations.

Why Choose Animal Capture Wildlife Control for Bat Control in San Diego?

It’s true that there are many bat removal companies in Southern California. So why should you choose us if you live in San Diego and think you have a bat infestation?


Animal Capture Wildlife Control is a leader in bat removal. We possess over a quarter-century of experience in bat exclusion from residential and commercial properties in San Diego. Whether it’s a high rise, hotel, home, business, or apartment building, the team at Animal Capture Wildlife Control knows how to complete every job efficiently, professionally, and reliably.


In addition to our extensive bat removal experience, we are dedicated to operating within the law and contributing to the protection of all bat species. To that end, we operate in San Diego under a state trapping license from the Department of Fish and Wildlife.


We not only serve residential and commercial clients in San Diego, but all over the state of California. Whether you live or work in Lancaster, Calabasas, Bakersfield, Pasadena, or another Golden State city, Animal Capture Wildlife Control can provide you with safe, humane, and timely bat removal.

Excellent Service Record

Animal Capture Wildlife Control has been recognized by Governor Pete Wilson for being a positive example of leadership and community involvement. Our spirit of service and selfless dedication to community improvement was recognized by President Bill Clinton.

Our company has been featured on CNN, Larry King Live, and the Discovery Channel, and it has appeared in several newspapers and magazines.

Thorough Inspection and Addressing of Bat Problems in San Diego

We know all about bats, including where they prefer to roost, and where and how to seal off their entry points so that they don’t return. Our comprehensive inspection includes attic restoration, as well as the repair of any areas you may have previously sealed yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bat Removal in San Diego

Q: Are bats in San Diego dangerous?

A: You may have heard several things about bats. including that they carry rabies, will attack your hair, and so on. It’s important to be aware of the facts and risks, and act accordingly. 

Bats and Rabies

Bats can and do carry the rabies virus. However, the vast majority of bats don’t have the virus. It’s impossible to tell if a bat has rabies by looking at it; lab testing is the only way to confirm. If you are bitten by a bat that has the rabies virus, then this is dangerous, and you should seek medical attention immediately.

Look for signs that can indicate rabies infection, such as activity during the day, finding a bat on the ground, and no defensive response by the bat when it is picked up.

Bat bites are rare, and handling wildlife is never recommended unless you are experienced with doing so. If you absolutely must handle a bat, wear gloves. Remember that bats are wild animals, and any animal who feels stressed, threatened, or unwell will, in most cases, defend itself.

Bats and Guano

Bat feces, called guano, builds up in bat roosts. Guano that builds up in an attic can cause significant structural damage due to its weight, acid, and moisture content.

Bat guano can also contain a fungus called Histoplasmosis. When spores of the fungus are inhaled, flu-like symptoms can occur. If left untreated, serious lung disease can develop.

Bats and Human Attacks

Bats don’t “attack” humans by flying into their hair. They access the mosquitoes and other insects that can fly near a person’s head. Bats use echolocation to find the insects they feed on. This sense is so keenly developed that a bat can see better in the dark than humans!

A bat can easily swoop in and catch insects using echolocation, but this sense will also tell them where obstacles—such as humans—are, allowing bats to swerve in time to avoid them.

Q: Why do I need professional bat removal services?

A: Bats can enter a structure through spaces so small, they are invisible to most people, but a professional can spot all of these entry points. Exclusion devices must be installed correctly, or bats won’t fly out through them. Professionals know how to properly install these devices.Professionals understand bat biology, and the importance of species preservation. Therefore, they’ll never trap, exterminate, or install exclusion devices during nursing time.

Q: I think bats may be roosting on my San Diego property, but I’m not sure. Is there a way to tell?

A: Yes. In fact, there are many ways. The first is to go outside of your home at dusk and watch to see if bats appear to be leaving your property from certain areas like your eaves, walls, chimneys, or similar places. You may also hear squeaking and scratching noises emanating from your attic or inside your walls at dawn.

Next, check for droppings around your property. While bat and mouse droppings do look similar, a bat dropping will turn to dust under pressure, where a mouse dropping will maintain its hardness. You may have also noticed urine stains located near entry points and a strong odor near these points or inside your home.

Q: Should I just leave the bats alone?

A: It depends on the time of year you discover the bats. For example, if you’re in San Diego and know bats are roosting, and it’s between June and August when they nurse, it’s best to leave them alone until their young are able to fly out of your home.

However, allowing a bat colony to roost on your property indefinitely can result in significant damage to your soffits, screens, wiring, and siding and even affect your homeowners insurance rates. As well, the accumulation of bat guano, or feces, infected with histoplasmosis can cause you to become ill.

The same is true if any bats in the colony have rabies. We encourage anyone who has questions about bats to get in touch with us before attempting any inspection or removal.

Q: Is there anything I can do to discourage bats from being around my property?

A: Yes. The easiest thing you can do right away is to avoid turning on any exterior lights before dusk. Lights attract insects, which bats feed on. The more convenient a food source is for them, the higher the likelihood that they will choose to roost at your property.

Another way to discourage bats from your San Diego property and continue to support healthy populations is to install bat houses. It’s best to do this before bat proofing, so that the bats we remove will have more desirable spaces to move into right away.

Need more information about bat exclusion or other wildlife removal services we offer? We are always happy to help; simply visit our website or give us a call at 310-551-0901.


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