Bat Removal in San Francisco

A big brown bat nesting in a private property. Bats are protected in San Francisco and should only be removed by a professional bat removal service such as Animal Capture Wildlife Control.

San Francisco is home to 16 species of bat, who sometimes choose human structures for their roosts. If you believe you have a bat infestation, the safest and most humane way to remove bats from your home is to call a professional bat removal company.

Why Choose Professional Bat Removal Services in San Francisco?

You may be considering trying to remove bats from your attic or other parts of your home on your own. But this can, and typically does, cause far more problems than it solves. A professional bat removal service will be able to remove bats in such a way as to protect the species but also eliminate the problem from recurring.

Bats can enter a structure through even the smallest of openings, which can be nearly impossible for untrained eyes to detect. So even if one entry point has been closed, there could be several others. The right company will be able to spot and seal all entry points.

Finally, bat feces, or guano, can contain rabies and histoplasmosis, a disease that can be transferred to humans via the inhalation of disturbed spores. A professional San Francisco bat removal service will have the right protective equipment, and understand the safest and best ways to remove guano.

More About Bats in San Francisco

Bats are a protected species. This means that killing and trapping bats is illegal, not to mention completely unnecessary.

Along with the fact that bats are protected, white-nose syndrome is a significant threat to all species. It has decimated entire colonies of bats very quickly, and one bat colony can number 2,000 individuals or more.

At certain times of year, bats give birth to their young and raise them in birthing colonies. Any attempts to exclude or remove bats during this time will result in the starvation of their young, who cannot fly and are completely reliant on their mothers to survive.

Bats often enter human structures because they pick up the scent of bats who previously roosted there and their excrement. This includes the scent of any bats who died there, regardless whether this happened recently or not. These creatures are very sensitive to drops in temperature and can easily perish if they are not able to find a warm place to roost after being evicted.

Professional Bat Removal Services

The role of the bat in our ecosystem is a very important one, because they keep so many pest insects under control, and because they are vital pollinators.

In order to remove bats in a way that protects them and effectively removes them from a human structure, it’s important to understand their habits and cycles. Animal Capture Wildlife Control is a professional bat removal company with years of bat knowledge and experience removing bats from residences and commercial buildings in San Francisco.

How We Remove Bats

The Animal Capture Wildlife Control team uses their knowledge of bat behavior to remove bats at the right time with bat exclusion devices. Exclusion devices allow bats to leave their roosts at dusk but prevents them from getting back in at dawn.

Bat exclusion devices are the best bat pest control method because they don’t require human intervention; the bats simply fly out of their roosts to feed. Once all the bats have gone, the devices are removed, and then all entry points are permanently sealed.

We can identify all of the entry points of a structure quickly and easily, allowing us to install bat exclusion devices and then effectively seal all entry points simultaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bat Control in San Francisco

Q: When is the best time for bat exclusion?
A: The best time of year for this type of bat control is before June and after August, when bats are finished birthing and raising their young. The best time of day for bat exclusion is at dusk, when bats leave their roosts to feed.

Q: Does bat control involve harming the bats?
A: Bat removal should never involve harming bats in any way. Animal Capture Wildlife Control practices only humane and safe bat removal.

Q: Are there any types of bat removal companies to avoid?
A: Yes. You’ll want to avoid working with any company or individual who claims they are bat exterminators, as it is illegal and inhumane to kill bats in San Francisco.

Q: What are your qualifications?
A: We are licensed by the Department of Fish and Wildlife for the humane trapping and relocation of pests like raccoons and skunks. We have successfully removed all manner of wildlife from San Francisco homes and businesses. Known for our dedication to exceptional customer service, we are highly recommended by state humane officers, law enforcement agencies, homeowner associations, and pest control companies.

Q: What other services do you offer?
A: We inspect properties for potential damage caused to structures or barriers by wildlife, and repair this damage. We can also advise on effective wildlife prevention and control methods like bat exclusion.

Once wildlife is removed from a property, we deodorize and decontaminate the area. Our company also offers dead animal removal, nest clearing, humane live animal trapping, and the identification and sealing of entry points.

Q: What kinds of animals besides bats do you remove?
A: Animal Capture Wildlife Control removes snakes, squirrels, possums, skunks, and raccoons. However, these only represent the most common calls we receive. We’ve removed many kinds of wildlife from properties in San Francisco and elsewhere.

Q: Can I take steps to discourage bats from roosting in my attic?
A: Absolutely! Installing bat houses in a high enough area with sufficient shade will provide an alternate roosting location to your property. The insects bats feed on won’t be attracted to exterior lighting if it is turned off at night.

If you suspect that bats are roosting in your San Francisco property, Animal Capture Wildlife Control can ensure they are professionally, safely and humanely removed with bat exclusion. Explore our website for more information about bat removal, or call to speak with a member of our team today at 310-551-0901.


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