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Santa Clarita city is located in the heart of the Santa Clarita Valley, in Los Angeles County. The city was voted 18th of 100 best places to live in 2006. Today, it has a population of about 180,000 people. The city’s proximity to the Los Padres National Forest, San Gabriel Mountains, and the Angeles National forest means you are likely to be frequented by wildlife in your living space. Animal Capture and Wildlife control offer ideal animal removal solutions in Santa Clarita. 

We can help you with:

  • Raccoon removal
  • Skunks removal
  • Snake removal
  • Squirrel removal
  • Bat removal
  • Humane Wildlife Trapping
  • Bat Inspections
  • Opossums
  • Dead wild animal removal
  • Attic and underfloor animal inspections


Why Wildlife Removal is Important

At first, the sighting of wildlife on your property might seem harmless. You might dismiss it as a one-time occurrence. However, in most instances, this is not the case as most animals are usually seeking an ideal permanent nesting place. 

Here are some other reasons why wildlife control is vital:

  • To prevent a possible infestation: If not controlled, wild animals such as squirrels and snakes could breed and infest your property.  As such, it is safer to call an animal control expert when you first sight a wild animal. 
  • To prevent wildlife and pet conflict: It’s important to keep in mind that wild animals aren’t tamed and will react at any confrontation. This means that they are likely to harm your pets if confronted by them. For example, snakebites can be fatal to your dog. 
  • Property destruction: Once they are in your attic, wild animals such as squirrels will nibble on your electrical wiring causing damage to your personal property and putting you at the risk of a fire hazard. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of traps do we use?

We use a harmless live cage trap, where the animal enters the cage, and the door closes behind it.  In most instances, the animals don’t get away though some may tear the trap apart. 

What happens to trapped cats?

Trapped cats go to the local animal shelter in the area the cat is trapped. The animal shelter is in complete control of what happens to the cat. We are not responsible for any cats in the animal shelter’s care. 

Do you remove dead animals?

Yes, we remove dead animals from attics, inside walls, under floors, and on your property. Note that we do not remove road kill or deceased pets. 

I lost my dog, any chance you have picked it up?

No. We don’t handle dog calls, and we are not in a position to pick up dogs. In such instances, we will refer you to your local animal control. 

Do you use poisons in your practice?

No, we don’t. We believe in handling wild animals in the most humane way possible. As such, we do not use poisons. 

What’s the reason behind your pricing structure?

Wild animal control calls for extreme professionalism and commitment. Also, one has to have in-depth knowledge of animal behavior.  Further, we aim at being thorough in our work and guarantee your safety and that of the wild animals. Often, we handle sick animals and some that are extremely dangerous. Also, we venture into attics and under homes to remove animals by hand. In a nutshell, we go to greater lengths to surpass your expectations.


Why choose Animal Capture Wildlife Control?

Our experience is what sets us apart from the competition. Jeremy Bailey, the owner of Animal Capture Wildlife Control, has worked in the wildlife trapping space for over 20 years under a state trapping license.  Our work has been commended by leading state and federal agencies over the years. In 1995 we were recognized by President Clinton on our work, later in 1997, we received a special commendation from Governor Pete Wilson. This underlines our commitment to offering quality wildlife control solutions to our clients. 

Looking for a reliable Santa Clarita animal control company? Contact us today via 310-551-0901 and see the difference an award-winning animal control company can make.


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