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Our Animal Capture Manhattan Beach Services

When animals begin to present themselves as problems for your property—we’re here to help.

Animal Capture Wildlife Control possess the professional skills and resources to resolve your conflict with animals. Our comprehensive range of services helps us meet your needs with a timely, reliable, and humane approach. Let’s take a deeper look at the services we offer to gain a better understanding of how we can assist you. 

Wildlife Animal Removal

Different wildlife problems call for various solutions. Our areas of expertise with animal removal cover:

  1. Raccoon removal
  2. Skunk removal
  3. Opossum removal
  4. Squirrel removal
  5. Bat removal
  6. Snake removal
  7. Dead animal removal

Raccoon Removal

We’re the experts that you can trust to address your raccoon problem. Whenever you’re facing issues with raccoons, it’s essential to act fast so your problems don’t escalate. Raccoons can cause serious property damage while invading unsealed and open areas inside your property.

Wherever and however raccoons are creating problems, we’ll identify the issue at hand and act accordingly. The majority of our experience removing raccoons involves the trapping process.
Animal Capture Wildlife Control offers our raccoon removal services to all of Manhattan Beach. 

Skunk Removal

Skunks invading your property can spawn a variety of issues. Common skunk behaviors include causing property damage and breeding. If you don’t tackle a skunk problem quickly, the challenges you face will only increase when more generations of skunks enter the picture.

Our approach to solving your skunk problem includes trapping or physically removing the skunks. Once we complete our initial removal, we’ll leave traps on your property for 3-5 days to ensure that your area is skunk-free. 

Opossum Removal

Opossums commonly invade attics, garages, and spaces under homes. Like skunks, opossums are known to carry fleas, emit a strong odor, and live on your property with their babies. We’re able to solve the vast majority of opossum issues with trap removal. 

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels often utilize human structures for nesting and shelter. Once squirrels are present on your property, they can chew electrical wires and gnaw through other exterior materials. The result of this damage can include fire hazards, leaks, flooding, inadequate insulation, and more.
If you’re looking to avoid property damage, transmittable diseases, and foul odors from squirrel feces, you can rely on us for professional assistance. 

Bat Removal

Quality bat removal revolves around a safe and humane approach. Some pest control companies will poison or fumigate them. This is illegal and won’t stop more bats from coming back. Animal Capture Wildlife Control practices legal bat removal practices that prompt bats to exit your property and block their ability to return.

Snake Removal

Enlisting the help of Animal Capture Wildlife Control’s snake removal services allows you to resolve your problem safely. Attempting to remove a snake yourself can put you in a life-threatening situation, depending on the species. Once we capture snakes, we return them to the wild to eliminate future threats. 

Dead Animal Removal

Our thorough approach to dead animal removal allows us to eliminate odors present on your property and decontaminate the affected area. All of the dead animals we remove are disposed of responsibly. 

Additional Services

Our dedication to serving Manhattan Beach doesn’t stop at our animal removal services. Animal Capture Wildlife Control’s additional services include: 

  1. Attic and underfloor inspections
  2. Bat inspections
  3. Snake property inspections
  4. Damage repair and barrier construction  

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Resolve your wildlife control problem today by contacting Animal Capture Wildlife Control at 310-551-0901. Feel free to learn more about what we do before you call by visiting our site’s About Us and FAQ pages.


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