Bat Removal & Control in La Jolla, CA

Bat Removal & Control in La Jolla

If you’ve seen bats around your home in La Jolla, you’re certainly not the only one; several species of bat live in colonies here and across the state of California. Unfortunately, seeing bats near your home is one of several signs that you may have an infestation.

Tips to Prevent Bat Infestation

In order to prevent bats from roosting at your home, you must first understand what attracts them.

Bats need a food and water source in order to survive. The more convenient food and water are, the more likely they will roost nearby. They also choose quiet roosts that are high up and dark and which offer warmth and shelter. They must also have easy access to these locations.

Light attracts the insects that bats feed on. As well, leaving porch lights and other lights on near doors and windows can cause a bat to accidentally enter your home, so it’s best to keep these turned off before bats exit at dusk to feed.

Standing water should either be covered or removed completely. Examples include rain barrels and ponds. You can also have a radio tuned to a talk station playing near areas where bats may roost, as they don’t like noise. Finally, you can create more desirable spaces for bats to roost by installing bat houses on your property.

Bat Removal Services in La Jolla

Of course, if you suspect bats are roosting in your home, you’ll probably want to get rid of them as soon as possible. Before you choose a bat control company, be aware that some will use methods like glue traps and fumigation to kill bats.

They may also advertise trapping and relocation as a way to remove bats and may not even possess the necessary licensing, experience, or certification to do so. What’s more, they won’t tell you that it isn’t possible to relocate bats, because they have such a strong homing instinct that they can find their way back to your home, even if they are hundreds of miles away!

It is important to be aware of such companies because a high percentage of bat species in California have been designated as Species of Special Concern. Several large populations have been decimated by a fungal infection called White Nose Syndrome (WNS), which spreads quickly to bat colonies, colonies which can contain thousands of individuals.

Bats are vital to our ecosystem. They not only keep insect numbers balanced (and humans more comfortable) by consuming millions of them each night, but bats are also important pollinators. It is for all these reasons that killing, trapping, or even having a bat in your possession is illegal in the state of California.

Any company that uses trapping, killing, or relocation methods to remove bats is committing a crime; moreover, they have no care or concern for our vulnerable bat species.

True bat removal professionals understand that bat species need to be preserved. To do so, there must be as little stress as possible. Animal Capture Wildlife Control is such a company; we possess over 20 years experience in the safe and humane removal of bats in La Jolla.

Professional Bat Removal Process

Our company engages in humane, professional bat removal via several methods. First, we conduct a thorough inspection of your property for signs of bats.

We then pinpoint access points, which are where bats are entering and leaving your home. We install exclusion devices over each access point. These devices allow bats to exit your home freely but don’t allow them to return to their roost. Bats drop down and fly out to exit, but can only re-enter by flying straight in, which these devices prevent.

After sufficient time has passed to allow all bats to exit, we return to remove the devices and seal the access points so bats can’t use them again. At no time do we handle any of the bats we remove.

Why Choose Us?

Animal Capture Wildlife Control is an experienced company with an intimate understanding of bat biology and physiology.

We Understand Bat Species

We know that bats can collapse their bodies to the width of a quarter, and so we know just where to look for access points.

We also know that bats have their young and form nursing colonies at certain times of year. During these times, we will not install bat exclusion devices. This is because bat pups cannot fly out of the roost with their mothers.

Because their mothers cannot re-enter the roost through a bat exclusion device, this would cause bat pups to starve to death, as well as subject the mothers to high amounts of stress.

Our company is also aware that bat guano (feces) can cause several health issues if it is left to remain in your home. Therefore, we also offer cleanup services.

Respect for Bats, and Legal Certification

We respect the vital importance of these animals to our ecosystem and understand how vulnerable their populations are. Our goal is to remove bats from your home with as little stress to the animals as possible.

Our bat control company is licensed by California’s Department of Fish and Game to remove bats and other wildlife from properties.

Excellence Is Our Standard

At Animal Capture Wildlife Control, excellence is simply the way we conduct business. We always arrive on time as scheduled, and ensure our inspections are thorough and complete before installing bat exclusion devices. We never remove the devices until we are sure that all bats have safely left your property.

We ensure that all access points have been reliably sealed. If bat guano (feces) is present in your home, we conduct a thorough and professional cleaning.

If bats have invaded your home, it’s important to call an experienced and professional bat removal company who is committed to excellence and the humane treatment of our vulnerable bat species. Call Animal Capture Wildlife Control to book a bat inspection appointment at your home or business today: (310) 551-0901.


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