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Many species of bats live in California. Even if you haven’t seen them around your property, there are lots of ways bats can enter your home without you ever noticing. Here’s what you need to know about bats and how to remove them from your property in the right way.

Bat Removal & Control in Coronado, CA

Coronado is home to several active bat colonies, which consume millions of pest insects each night and pollinate local plants. These creatures are a vital part of the ecosystem, offering many benefits to the environment and humans alike. Yet, health risks and significant structural damage can be the result when bats get inside human structures.

White Nose Syndrome can quickly kill an entire colony. Because of this and their important ecological role, it is illegal to trap, handle, keep, or kill bats in California. Animal Capture Wildlife Control employs bat removal methods that ensure the protection of these animals and removes them safely and humanely from residential and commercial properties.

Signs of Bat Infestation

There are a few signs which indicate that bats have decided to roost at your property. Seeing them flying around your home at dusk and dawn is a pretty good indicator. You may also hear squeaking and scratching noises coming from the upper areas of your home during these times.

Bats can sometimes accidentally enter homes through doors and windows. If this has ever happened to you, it may be because bats are roosting close by. It can also occur as a result of living in an older home, where more warping and cracks make it easy for bats to enter.

You may have observed bat feces, called guano, on the exterior walls or the ground around your home. Bat droppings look almost identical to those left behind by mice—about the size of a grain of rice. However, bat guano tends to be darker and will lose its shape when pressed between gloved fingers, whereas mouse droppings are harder and lighter in color.

Professional Bat Removal Services

There are several companies in Coronado that claim to offer professional methods of bat control. Unfortunately, some homeowners have come to find out that the bats were removed inhumanely or killed. What’s more, some companies may neglect to take the necessary steps to ensure that bats don’t return.

The correct way to perform bat removal is to thoroughly inspect the property and conduct a detailed inspection prior to removing bats.

The inspection should include the exterior of your home, where guano is often found, and also include potential access points or areas where bats may have been able to enter your home. Because they can collapse their rib cages to the width of a quarter, bats can squeeze into potentially hundreds of spaces located under shingles, between chimney bricks, and elsewhere.

After bats have been removed, all identified access points must be completely sealed, or they will return. Bats have a very strong homing instinct, as well as a keen sense of smell. If the prior colony does not return, any other bats who can smell the scent of others who roosted there previously will consider it a favorable place to roost.

Bat Exclusion in Coronado

Bat exclusion is the only way to remove bats legally and humanely in Coronado. Exclusion involves inspection for access points, installation of the exclusion device, and access point sealing.

The exclusion device takes advantage of the way bats exit through access points, which is to drop through the opening and then fly out. It allows bats to freely exit the roost without any handling or trapping. However, when bats attempt to re-enter, they cannot do so, as the device doesn’t allow bats to fly straight in, which they must be able to do in order to return.

These devices are installed over high-traffic access points as identified during a thorough inspection. After several days, the devices are removed, and the access points are sealed.
However, they must be installed properly, otherwise the bats won’t be able to leave the roost.

The devices must also be left for a long enough time to allow all of the bats to leave. If this is not done, bats may create other exits, which may lead them into your home. As well, exclusion devices must be installed when bats are actively flying in and out.

Hibernating bats won’t leave a roost, and nursing bats must be able to re-enter the roost to feed their flightless young, who will die without them. Therefore, exclusion devices can only be installed at certain times of year.

Why Choose Us?

Animal Capture Wildlife Control offers over 20 years of bat removal experience, but that’s not the only reason that Coronado residents and businesses call us first when they have a problem with bats.

A Complete Understanding of Bat Species

We understand the vital importance of bats to our ecosystem, along with their vulnerability and physiology. This is why we only use exclusion devices, which remove bats from your property humanely and safely, and only install them when we know all bats will be able to exit. We will never recommend killing bats with poison, glue traps, or any other method that causes them pain and suffering.

A Reputation for Excellence

When you call Animal Capture Wildlife Control for bat removal, you are calling a company that considers excellence to be the standard. We arrive on time to your location and conduct a detailed inspection for evidence of bat infestation, which includes observation of bat activity. We professionally install and remove exclusion devices, and also offer cleanup of any guano and materials damaged as a result of bat infestation.

In addition to the above, our commitment to excellence and community involvement have been recognized by national media publications and Governor Pete Wilson.

If you suspect that bats are roosting in your home or at your business, professional removal with Animal Capture Wildlife Control is just a phone call away: (310) 551-0901.


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